Archaeological Park Carnuntum

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The Archaeological Park Carnuntum, nestled in the eastern part of Austria, is a remarkable site where the past meets the present, bringing Roman history vividly to life. Founded in the 1st century AD, Carnuntum sat strategically at a crossroads of vital trade routes along the Danube, evolving into one of the Roman Empire’s most significant cities. This archaeological marvel spans 400 years of history, encapsulating a period that profoundly shaped the cultural and political landscape of Europe.

Today, Carnuntum is not just an archaeological site; it is an educational journey back in time. Visitors to the park can explore meticulously reconstructed Roman houses, gaining insight into ancient architectural ingenuity and daily life during the Roman era. The museum offers a comprehensive view of Carnuntum’s historical significance, supplemented by educational programs designed to engage visitors of all ages. This immersive experience allows one to walk in the footsteps of the Romans, offering a tangible connection to the past that shaped modern Europe

European dimension

The Archaeological Park Carnuntum celebrates its deep ties to European identity and the shared values that underpin the European Union. This prestigious recognition highlights sites that symbolize European integration, history, and the collective values that unite its citizens. Carnuntum stands as a testament to Europe’s rich cultural heritage and its ongoing journey of integration and mutual understanding.

The awarding of the Label to Carnuntum places it among a select group of sites that not only hold historical significance but also embody the ideals of cultural diversity and unity that are at the heart of the European project. This recognition serves as a reminder of the shared history and common values that bind together the diverse nations of Europe. Carnuntum’s inclusion in the EHL underscores the importance of preserving and celebrating our shared heritage, promoting a sense of belonging and collective identity among Europeans.

The organization

The stewardship of the Archaeological Park Carnuntum falls under the Archäologische Kulturpark Niederösterreich Betriebsgesellschaft m.b.H., an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting this invaluable cultural asset. Through a rich array of events and programs, the organization brings the ancient Roman world to life for visitors from around the globe. Highlights of the annual calendar include Gladiator Day, the Children’s Festival, Time Travel Carnuntum, and the Roman Festival, offering immersive experiences that connect the past with the present.

The organization’s efforts extend beyond events to include educational initiatives and guided tours, designed to make history accessible and engaging for all ages. The Society of Friends of Carnuntum, established in 1885, supports the park’s mission by fostering research and exploration, ensuring that Carnuntum continues to educate and inspire for generations to come. Through their dedication, Carnuntum remains a vibrant testament to our ancient past, offering insights into the Roman way of life and the enduring legacy of Roman civilization in Europe.

These sections collectively emphasize Carnuntum’s significance as a bridge between the past and present, showcasing the enduring impact of Roman civilization on Europe’s cultural and historical landscape.