Robert Schuman’s House

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The Robert Schuman’s House in Scy-Chazelles, France, stands as a testament to the life and work of one of Europe’s founding fathers. This picturesque domicile, nestled in the tranquil Lorraine region, was the personal residence of Robert Schuman, the former Prime Minister of France.

The house remains largely untouched since Schuman’s time, providing an intimate glimpse into his personal life. The rooms, filled with his memorabilia, artworks, and personal library, transport visitors back in time.

European dimension

The Robert Schuman’s House carries a profound European significance. It is here that Schuman developed his groundbreaking ‘Schuman Plan’, which laid the foundation for the European Union. This plan proposed the pooling of coal and steel production between France and Germany, aiming to make war between the two nations economically impossible and cement peace in Europe.

The house serves as a symbol of the pursuit of peace and unity in a continent once torn apart by conflict. It’s a tangible embodiment of the European integration process, a reminder of the vision that the founding fathers had for a peaceful, united Europe. The site was designated as a European Heritage Label site in 2016, recognizing its importance in the history of European integration.

The organization

The Robert Schuman’s House is managed by the Robert Schuman European Centre, a non-profit organisation committed to promoting Schuman’s vision of a unified Europe. The centre aims to educate the public about Schuman’s life, his contribution to the formation of the EU, and the importance of the European integration process.