The EHL Site

Ventotene, an enchanting island located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is one of the Pontine Islands in Italy. The island’s rich history and the Ventotene‚Äôs Manifesto significance in the European integration process have led it to be designated as a European Heritage Label (EHL) site.

The island is best known for the Roman-era ruins, including the Villa Giulia and the ancient port, which was ingeniously constructed by Emperor Augustus. Ventotene’s captivating charm is complemented by the vibrant natural beauty, clear blue waters, and diverse marine life that it hosts.

European dimension

Ventotene’s significance in European history is primarily due to the Ventotene Manifesto, an influential document that laid the groundwork for the European Union. Authored by Altiero Spinelli and Ernesto Rossi, two anti-fascist intellectuals who were imprisoned on the island during World War II, the Manifesto called for a federation of European states, which was seen as the only viable solution to prevent future wars.

The Manifesto is a symbol of the struggle for freedom, democracy, and unification in Europe, representing the values that underpin the European Union. The Ventotene site, therefore, holds a special place in the history of European integration, embodying the spirit of unity and cooperation that characterizes the EU today.

The organization

The Ventotene EHL Site is managed by the Municipality of Ventotene